Digital Lomography

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I recently started exploring the concepts and principals of lomography. It was a welcomed break from my pixel perfect world of web design and digital photography. Depicting mundane objects and everyday life in an visually intriguing way is a concept worth exploring. Below are digital images I photographed made to look like lo-fi lomography. The shots came from a mixture of cameras. Most were shot with a digital camera. A Nikon D90 and even an HTC tablet. Only one or two images where shot with a Minolta x700 film camera (Which shoots way better then any high price digital SLR.)  I used a program called Camerabag 2. When it was all said and done, I bought a lomography toy camera. Even though the idea of buying and developing film is a huge pain in the ass, to me the outcome seems worth it. For some reason making shitty photos gets my creative juices flowing. These are nice but I can’t wait to get back my first authentic roll. I promise to share.

Technology Statistics: Small Businesses & The Digital Divide

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Studies show that small businesses across America are the victims of a technology gap. Their failure to implement basic Internet business solutions is a major contributor to the low competitive health of the American small business. The lack of basic technological necessities such as websites, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan, and proper leveraging of social media networks are the key contributors to the digital divide. In short, small businesses have no online presence and it’s killing them. The good news is that the bar is set low. Getting ahead of your competition is easier than you think. Below are some jaw dropping statistics from the The State of Small Business Report  and the practical ways you can leverage them to get ahead of your competition.

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Selective Attention / Inattention Blindness. Why People Ignore Your Design.


Oh my goodness. I ran into this kick ass article  and video on uxmag.com. In short sometimes design element that are right in front of our face can some times be missed do to a concept in psychology called inattention blindness, or selective attention. The above video is a great demonstration of this phenomenon. UXmag brakes down these 3 key points related to selective attention that are particularly relevant to UX design:

  1. Human visual perception is much more incomplete and inaccurate than most people realize.
  2. More focus in one area means less attention elsewhere.
  3. Expectations manipulate our perceptions.
  4. Motivations manipulate our perceptions.


Sunshine Motocross Photo Shoot


Last Thursday after work I decided to put my photography skills to the test by taking on a photo shoot for chronicmx.com. The photos below were taken at Sunshine Motocross of Tampa Bay. Shooting motocross is a far cry from slapping a soft-box in front of a model. Photographing motocross is way, WAY harder. First off you are using natural light.The lighting conditions seem to be as extreme as motocross. And second, the riders are whipping by fast. You have a split second to focus, frame, and snap your pictures. I had lots of fun so I’m looking to try again. Here hand full of photos from a practice run for both me and the riders at Sunshine. If anyone is intrested in having there picture taken feel free to contact me via my contact page. I’ll gladly meet you out on the track.



Nikkor 70-210mm Sample Photos

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A few weeks back I walked into an old rundown camera store in clearwater. I bought this Nikkor 70-210mm lens for dirt cheap. I was not expecting much in terms performance considering I payed next to nothing. Need less to say it is hands down my favorite lens.

They really don’t make them like they use to. The Nikkor 70-210mm focuses fast. Really fast. It’s loud, but the insane bokeh more then makes up for it.

Below are some sample photos I took over the weekend.The black and white photos are all obviously shot with natural light. The color photos are both shot with sb700 in manual labor mode.

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